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All guests 5+ are required to wear a CDC approved face covering. 


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Bike Blast Activities

First Floor

Ready, Set, School

  • Ramp & Roll: Build a ramp and watch your ball roll.  Is it faster when the ramp is taller or shorter?  Build it, test it, and find out! 


  • Courtyard Course (Weekends Only from 11am-4pm): Test your biking skills on our courtyard obstacle course.  Balance, agility, fun?  It’s all on this course! 

Curiosity Square

  • Around & Around: Create geometric drawings by going round and round like bike wheels or gears. 
  • Gears on the Go: How do the gears move each other? Explore how they work by building with gears and making them work together to spin. 
  • Take a Spin: Create spinning patterns with wheels.

Second Floor

Real Tools

  • Things that Go: Building with wheels


  • Gear-Up: Create a spinning wall with giant gears.

Studio Styles

  • Bike Bling: Bling out your bike!  Create some spirit with ribbon for your bike handle bars.

Art Loft

  • Creative Cycles: Create cool designs, whimsical creatures, and creative patterns using bike gears. 


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Bike Blast Activity Map

Bike Blast Bingo Challenge

Click here to download Bike Blast Bingo Challenge.

Once you get BINGO, decorate your own Bike Blast Bingo Medal, download here.


Marbles IMAX is currently open on weekends.
3D Documentaries are a great addition to your visit at Marbles.

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