NASA Webb Space Telescope Community Event
Today: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

NASA Webb Space Telescope Community Event

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James Webb Space Telescope Community Event

January 15-17

In partnership with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Nisenet, Marbles will be holding an out of this world space weekend filled with activities to explore "Our Universe" and the opportunity to learn more about the James Webb Space Telescope that recently launched on Dec. 24.

Event Information:

Saturday, Jan. 15, 10am - 2pm
Our Universe Learning Lab that includes astronaut training, light sciences, stomp rockets and exploring the surface of Mars will take place inside the IMAX building and is free to the public.

Saturday, Jan. 15, 11am - 1pm 

• Astronomy activities along with stomp rockets, creating craters and moon boots will be available in Curiosity Square inside the museum to celebrate the launch of the telescope. These activities are included with admission.


Saturday, Jan. 15 - Monday, Jan. 17
• Special pricing ($2 off packaged purchased) on space-themed IMAX 3D Documentaries like Journey to Space and A Beautiful Planet

Our Universe Learning Lab

Telescope Quick Facts

Where is Webb?
Get the details, here.

How big is the Webb telescope?

The sunshield dimensions are 21.2 by 14.2 meters (69.5 by 46.5 feet) and the height of the entire observatory is 8 meters (28 feet).

What is the expected lifespan of the Webb telescope?
Webb is designed to have a minimum five years of science operations, with the goal of having an overall mission lifetime greater than 10 years.

How much of the sky can Webb see?
Over the course of six months, as Webb orbits the Sun with Earth, it has the ability to observe almost any point in the sky. About 39% of the sky is potentially visible to Webb at any given time.

Find more facts, here.

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