Virtual Documentaries

Virtual Documentaries

Engage your students in an educationally sound, fundamentally fun learning experience, aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study. Stretch students’ learning with a fresh new take on the field trip experience developed by Marbles education experts. 

How it Works

To deliver this experience to your students, book your Virtual Documentary at least two weeks in advance of your intended field trip date. 

After booking your Virtual Documentary, you will be provided:

  • A Teacher Guide specific to your virtual field trip
  • Access code to view the documentary rental
  • Link to Marbles play-along video
  • Links to printable activity sheets

Students can participate at school or at home with an adult. 

This Teacher Guide provides all of the information you need to successfully deliver this experience to your students.


What's included

  1. Pre-documentary activities - approx. 1 hour
    - 48-hour access to movie Kahoot trivia game
    - Printable activity sheet(s) 

  2. Virtual Documentary - approx. 45 minutes
    - 48-hour access to movie 

  3. Post-documentary activities - approx. 1 hour
    - Play-along video hosted by a Marbles educator
    - Two hands-on activities (adult supervision may be required)
    - Materials list provided

For more details, view our sample Teacher Guide here. 

Extreme Weather 

Weather is one of the most dynamic and complex forces shaping our planet, and now it’s intensifying in complex ways. Extreme Weather takes students to the frontlines where few have gone before them. 
Documentary Runtime 40min.

Curriculum Connections: NC Standard Course of Study 

  • Science: 3.P.2, 3.E.2, 4.L.1, 5.E.1, 6.P.2, 6.P.3, 7.E.1 


Journey To Space - COMING SOON

Experience a celebration of space exploration and a tribute to international cooperation in space research. Catch a vision of our near-term future beyond Earth’s orbit — a manned mission to Mars within a generation. 

Curriculum Connections: NC Standard Course of Study 

  • Science: 3.E.1, 4.E.1, 6.P.1, 6.E.1 

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