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Marbles Rings

Make your own ribbon twirler and move to the beat! Create your own music and movement games to twist and twirl. 

What You Need: 

  • Dowel or chopstick 
  • Ribbons, at least 12 inches long 
  • Duct tape 
  • Scissors 

What You Do: 

  1. Determine the length of ribbon you’d like your twirler to be and cut your ribbons to desired length. 
  2. Cut a piece of duct tape about 3 inches long and lay flat with sticky side up. 
  3. Lay the ends of the ribbons side by side on the sticky tape, leaving small gaps of tape exposed between. 
  4. Now place the end of the dowel on the tape so that the ribbons are on one side of the tape and the dowel is on the other. Roll the tape tightly around the end of the dowel. 
  5. Time to twirl and dance! 

Words to Use: 

  • Twirl: To turn around and around or make something do this. 
  • Rhythm: A regular repeated pattern of sounds or movements. 

What to Talk About: 

  • What shapes can you make in the air with your ribbon twirler? 
  • What happens when you make small circles with just your wrist? Now big circles with your whole arm? 

Change It Up:  

  • Substitute elastic bands or hair ties for the dowel. Tie the ribbons securely for a wearable, hands-free twirler. 
  • Add a bell for added sensory play. (Keep it safe and attach it close to the dowel and not at the end of the ribbons) 
  • Play music and movement games 
  • Pick and song and play freeze dance, moving when the music is playing and freezing when you pause the music. 
  • Pick a word in a song to represent a “Jump” command and another word to represent “twirl”. Play the song and jump, twirl and freestyle in between!

Learning Connections:  

  • Creativity 
  • Fine Motor Development 
  • Gross Motor Development 
  • Physical Activity 
  • Using Tools 

Curriculum Connections:
NC Standard Course of Study 

  • Arts Education K.CP.1.2, K.CP.2.1, K.DM.1, K.V.3, 1.CP.1.2, 1.DM.1.2, 1.V.1.1, 2.DM.1.2, 3.DM.1.2 
  • Healthful Living K.MS.1

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