Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices

Marbles Rings

Sustainable Practices

In 2022 Marbles... 

  • Recycled 6,138 lbs of paper
  • Composted 3,761 lbs of food waste
  • Scrapped 1,800 lbs of metal, diverting it from landfills

Since January 2020, the water bottle refill stations have replaced 51,192 plastic water bottles.

Recycle Bins

Recycle bins are located throughout the Marbles campus for guests to recycle common items like cans, bottles, and paper.

Terracycle Boxes

Within the snack room and Marbles campus, Terracycle boxes are available to recycle specific items such as coffee cups and snack wrappers.

Garden Composting 

Weeds, dead plants and other brown litter removed from our various outdoor spaces, all of which gets composted.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Marbles takes metal to the scrap yard to be recycled.

Water Bottle Refilling Stations

To encourage less reliance on plastic bottles, water bottle refill stations are located near restrooms across the Marbles campus.

imagiFAB Upcycling

Guests build and create daily with reusable materials like toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and more!

From Screen to Soil

Marbles pops a lot of popcorn! Stale/leftover popcorn is composted. 

Catered Campus Events

Marbles collaborates with catering companies to encourage that unwanted and scrap food is composted.

Clothing Donation

When lost items are not reunited with their owners, clothes and toys are donated to people in need.

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