River Playway
Today: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

River Playway

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Imagine you're at the Neuse River... immerse yourself in its sights and sounds, "splash" with fish, build a beaver dam, be a River Ranger and take a ride down the slide. Make sure to spot the native species! 


Tune In - Immerse yourself in the Neuse River. What do you see and hear around you?

Seeds to Trees - Take a spin and see how seeds grow into native trees.

Duck Boxes - Peek inside duck boxes and catch a glimpse of native species that live in and around the Neuse River basin.  

In the River - Jump from rock to rock or lily pad to lily pad. Watch fish swim - try to catch one! - and water ripple as you wade through the Neuse. 

Build a Beaver Dam - Become a beaver and dive inside a dam. Use sticks and logs to build your own beaver dam. 

River Ranger Station - Get to work! Put on your ranger gear, explore the interactive map and choose your own adventure. Climb to the top of the lookout station, go on a hunt to spot native Neuse River species or check the water level with a piezometer. 

River Slide - Take a ride down the slide and imagine life underneath the surface of the Neuse River!

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