Marbles Kids Museum is the ideal destination for your 3, 4 or 5 year-old group, with hands-on, minds-on exhibits and play experiences that are perfect for preschool learners.


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First Floor Exhibits

Around Town

Students take on the role of good citizens as they become firemen, journalists, farmers, grocery store clerks, paramedics and teachers They collaborate, cooperate and problem solve to provide services and explore how people work and live together.

Social Studies Curriculum Match: Pre-K-2
Mathematics Curriculum Match: Pre-K-2
English/Language Arts Curriculum Match: Pre-K-2 


Explore physical properties of water and solids in Splash as students test what sinks or floats at the water tables, conduct experiments on the USS Science Sub and set sail for adventure on the pirate ship.

Science Curriculum Match: Pre-K-3

Sun Sprouts

Investigate what makes a garden grow and help care for the vegetables and flowers in Sun Sprouts.Students work together to identify roots,stems,leaves, flowers and seeds that make up healthy food choices. Presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Science Curriculum Match: Pre-K-5


Students play around with sound and whimsical vibrations to compose their own melodies on giant outdoor percussion instruments. Presented by The Jandy Ammons Foundation.


Second Floor Exhibits


Students explore how people earn and use money for goods and services in the pizzeria or pet shop. Money flows through the bank as they work to save and make deposits and withdrawals. In partnership with your North Carolina banks.

Mathematics Curriculum Match: Pre-K-5
Social Studies Curriculum Match: Pre-K-5 


Create, innovate, design and construct. Students solve problems, engineer solutions and experiment with how objects move as they build cars, use a variety of materials to design inventions and build super structures with giant legos.

Science Curriculum Match: Pre-K, 1, 3, 5
Visual Arts Curriculum Match: Pre-K-5 


Students put their skeletal and muscular systems to the test as they shoot, skate, climb, dribble and balance.Cook up a balanced mealin Healthy Kitchen choosing foods from the My Plate table to fuel the fun. Presented by Carolina Hurricanes.

Science Curriculum Match: 3, 4
Healthful Living Curriculum Match: Pre-K-5 

Kid Grid

Using cranks,levers and pulleys, students work together to keep the electricity flowing through the power grid. Students learn about where energy comes from and how we use and save it. Presented by ABB.

Science Curriculum Match: 3-5
Social Studies Curriculum Match: 3 


Charge up hands-on play at challenge stations about science, technology, engineering and math! Students make and test fliers that soar up wind towers. They build and re-build circuits and engineer solutions to brain teasers. Presented by Duke Energy.

Science Curriculum Match:Pre-K-5
Mathematics Curriculum Match: Pre-K-5 

Art Loft

Artists at work!Imagination and self-expression unfold as students use a variety of materialsto create artistic masterpieces. It's all about the process.

Visual Arts Curriculum Match: Pre-K-5


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