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Power 2 Play Exhibit

Power2Play Presented by Carolina Hurricanes

Skate, tumble, twirl, toss and balance your way to active play! Fuel your fun with healthy food choices that you can blend, chop and grill.  

Play in Power 2 play

Center Ice - Skate, pass, slap...take a shot on the goal or grab the mic and report on the slip-and-slide action live from the rink. 

Workout Zone - Flip, balance, crank, climb and train like a Hurricane. Get your heart pumping in the gym where just being a kid is a workout. 

Healthy Kitchen - Pick power foods to fill a healthy plate and fuel up some fun in this prep-and-serve athlete's kitchen. Presented by UNC Health.

Tumble 'n Twirl - Dance into the studio, groove to the music and get moving on the mats. 

Center Court - Step on the court inside a supersized basketball net to shoot and swish through different hoop heights. 

Balance Boards - Surf the waves of play! Build balance and try new things. Presented by Wake Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry. 



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