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Pop Up Joke

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A playful joke that’s sure to get a laugh!  Create a person or animal to pop out of a container and surprise your friends and family. 

What You Need: 

  • Empty food container with lid 
  • Paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape 
  • Glue 
  • Markers 

What You Do: 

  1. Make sure food container is clean and dried. 
  2. Cut 4 strips of paper.  This is 1 inch wide but they can be any width as long as they fit inside the container. 
  3. Tape two strips of paper together so you have 2 long strips. 
  4. Lay the two strips out like an L and begin folding over each other until you reach the end.  This is your spring. 
  5. Cut out a “head the size of your spring or slightly larger but it must fit inside your container.  Decorate your head like a person or an animal.  
  6. Glue your head on top of one side of your spring. 
  7. Glue the spring to the bottom of your container. 
  8. Place the lid on top of the container. 
  9. Offer the food to someone.  When they open….surprise!  If it’s April 1st, you can say “April Fools”!  

Did You Know? 

April Fools’ Day dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Communication was slow back then and some people didn’t get the news that the New Year had moved to January 1.  When they continued to celebrate during the last week of March through April 1, others started making jokes and hoaxes. 

These pranks included having paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as poisson d’avril (April fish), said to symbolize a young, “easily hooked” fish and a gullible person. April Fools’ Day spread throughout Britain during the 18th century. In Scotland, the tradition became a two-day event, starting with “hunting the gowk,” in which people were sent on phony errands (gowk is a word for cuckoo bird, a symbol for fool) and followed by Tailie Day, which involved pranks played on people’s derrieres, such as pinning fake tails or “kick me” signs on them. 

Words to Use:  

  • Spring: something, usually a twisted piece of metal, that will return to its previous shape after it has been pressed down 
  • Joke: something that you say or do to make people laugh, especially a funnystory or trick 
  • April Fools Day:  April  1st, a day when people play tricks on each other 

What to Talk About: 

  • How do you know if a joke or a trick is a good idea?  Will the person laugh or be scared?  Does it feel silly or mean?  Think it through to make sure the joke doesn’t feel mean or scary. 
  • How does the spring work?  What makes it “jump out” of the container? 
  • Where else do you see springs?  Are they different than the one you made?  What materials are they made from?  What purpose do they serve? 

Change It Up:  

  • Play Poisson d’Avril or April Fish.  The French play this game on April Fools Day.  To play, make little paper fish and try to secretly tape it on your friends back.  Make sure everyone is in on the game before starting. 
  • What other jokes can you play on April Fools Day?   

Learning Connections:   

  • Communication 
  • Creativity 
  • Visual-Spatial Thinking 
  • Fine Motor Development 
  • Cultural Understanding 


Curriculum Connections: NC Standard Course of Study 



K.CX.1.2, 1.4 





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