PNC PreK Packs

PNC PreK Packs

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Spark play-based early learning with PNC PreK Packs by Marbles — hands-on activities packaged for at-home preschool play. 

PNC and Marbles are teaming up to bring hands-on learning to preschoolers during a time when they need it most. PNC PreK Packs are curriculum-aligned early learning activity kits designed for at-home exploration among 3- to 5-year-olds. Each Pack includes materials and instructions for themed activities that build skills necessary for school success, such as fine motor; sensory exploration; and early literacy, math and science.

PNC PreK Packs can be purchased online or in-person at Marbles Store for use by individual families or as preschool classroom bundles for an alternative to field trips. Thanks to the PNC Foundation’s generous funding support, PNC PreK Packs will be distributed ― at no cost ― to preschool programs serving low- and moderate-income children throughout our community.

Each PNC PreK Pack includes: 

  • Themed activity materials & instructions 
  • Pre-recorded play-along video with a Marbles educator 


  • Math Marvels - Measurement: Are you bigger than a pygmy monkey?  Smaller than a giant squid?  Let’s find out!  Using standard and non-standard measuring tools, explore the marvel of measuring. Available Now.
  • Ready to Write: Ready, set, go! Play a game of alphabet bingo, manipulate gel bags, and craft playdough creations to build hand strength, fine motor skills, and start to recognize letters. Available Now.
  • Farm Play: Find out what it's like to be a farmer with pretend play that explores early math, how plants grow, and what animals need to thrive. Available Now.
  • Storybook Science - Three Little Pigs: Little engineers experiment with building sound structures that protect the three little pigs from the big, bad wolf. Available Now.


$20 per Pack

  • 20% discount for classroom bundles of 10 or more 

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