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Parent Workshops

Triple P Workshops

Being a parent can be incredibly rewarding…and incredibly challenging. Join Team Marbles and Triple P - Positive Parenting Program - for a series of two-hour workshops that will help you manage the big and small challenges of raising kids. Equip yourself to create a family life with more fun and fewer struggles. Take one or all three.

$5 per person. Pre-registration is required. No children, please.

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Power of Positive Parenting

Sunday from 3-5pm: September 11, January 22 or April 2
Children of all ages need a safe, secure and loving environment to do well. Positive parenting is an effective approach to raising children that emphasizes the positive. It involves creating a family environment that is loving, supportive and predictable. This seminar will provide parents with some suggestions about how to use positive parenting in raising children.

Raising Confident Competent Children

Sunday from 3-5pm: October 16, February 12 or May 7
Children are more likely to be confident, succeed at school and get along well with others when they develop certain life skills. These skills include being respectful and considerate, communicating well with others, thinking positively and having healthy self-esteem among others. This seminar will give parents some ideas on how to help children learn these important life skills and become confident and competent individuals.

Raising Resilient Children

Sunday from 3-5pm: November 6, March 12 or June 4
One of the most important tasks of parenthood is helping children learn to deal with their emotions. All children experience periods of stress in their lives and need the emotional skills to deal with it. Children’s emotional resilience, or ability to cope with their feelings, is important to their long-term happiness, wellbeing and success in life. This seminar provides parents with some ideas on how to help children become emotionally resilient.



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