Paper Flower Crowns
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Paper Flower Crowns

Marbles Rings

Sport your spring flair with paper flower crowns to celebrate the season. 

What You Need: 

  • Colored paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape 
  • Glue 
  • Pencil 

What You Do: 

  1. Cut two long strips of paper. Tape the strips together. Wrap them around your head and mark where they overlap. 
  2. Create flowers out of colored paper. Make different shapes and sizes. Embellish with additional shapes that represent the various parts of flowers: pistil (middle), petals, stamen, leaves. 
  3. Glue the flowers on the strip of paper. 
  4. Wrap the strip of paper around your head again and tape the ends together.  

Did You Know? Flower crowns can be found in many cultures around the world. They are worn at celebrations, weddings, and parades. They may be given to heroes as a thank you. In some cultures, different kinds of flowers have different meanings. For example, in China, orange blossoms represent abundance.  

Words to Use:

  • Stamen: Part of the flower that produces pollen. 
  • Petals: Part of the flower that attracts pollinators. 
  • Stem: Provides support and transports nutrients. 

Change It Up:  

  • Age It Down: Outline flowers for younger children to cut out. Cut out a variety of shapes and let younger children glue them together to create flowers. 
  • Age It Up: Make a flower crown out of real flowers using wire, flowers, and floral tape. Research flower crowns from around the world and make crowns that are unique to different cultures. 

Learning Connections:  

  • Creativity 
  • Curiosity 
  • Fine Motor Development 
  • Cultural Understanding 
  • Nature Exploration 

Curriculum Connections: NC Standard Course of Study 

  • Visual Arts: K.V.1,  K.V.3,  1.V.1,  1.V.3, 2.V.1,  2.V.2, 3.V.1, 3.V.2, 3.V.3, 4.V.1, 4.V.3, 5.V.2,  5.V.3.2, K.CX.1, , K.CX.2, 1.CX.1, 2.CX.1, 2.CX.2, 3.CX.1, 3.CX.2, 4.CX.2, 5.CX.1, 5.CX.2, K.CR.1, 2.CR.1,  5.CR.1. 
  • Social Studies: K.C.1, 1.C.1, 2.C.1, 3.C.1, 4.C.1, 5.C.1 

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