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Step into this colorful world of money! Have a wealth of fun learning smart ways to earn, spend and save... through hands-on play. Innovative and high-energy activities make exploring healthy money habits FUN. 



Play in Moneypalooza

Piggy Bank - Collaborate to deposit enough money into the oversized Piggy Bank and you'll receive a delightful reward. Presented by Fifth Third Bank.  

Polly's Pet Care - Learn to operate a business and take care of pets at Polly's Pet Care to earn money you can spend, save or share. Presented by First Horizon

Mr. Vito's Pizzeria - Play with numbers, shapes and pizza at Mr. Vito's. Make, sell and deliver for some dollars and cents.  

Entrepreneur Ellie's Lemonade Stand - Make lemonade out of lemons and figure out how to sell it! 

Banker Ben & Betty’s Money Movers - Save money with Banker Ben and Banker Betty. Stack, deposit, withdraw, disburse and discover that little bits of savings add up! 

Freddie Frugal’s Spending Smarts - Make smart money choices as you build budgets, balance needs and wants and aim high to save. Help Freddie Frugal through some playfully tricky decision-making activities. 

Needs and Wants - What do you need and what do you want? Take aim at good decisions! 


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