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Marbles Learn & Play provides weekly support for virtual learning with small groups, an academic room to attend live instruction and an activity room for hands-on, play-based enrichment. Participants also enjoy imaginative free play in our museum exhibits plus active outdoor play!  Register by the week or take advantage of our new one-day option for WCPSS asynchronous days. 

Marbles Learn & Play School Support Program is a proud partner of the Wake Families And Schools Together (FAST) Initiative. 

Weekly Marbles Learn & Play programs support students and families with:   

  • An academic space for students to participate in live remote instruction  
  • Hands-on, play-based learning enrichment in activity rooms   
  • Imaginative free play in museum exhibits  
  • Active outdoor play  

Marbles Learn & Play aligns with local, state, and CDC guidelines to provide a safe experience for participants and staff. 


To comply with health and safety guidelines, Marbles Learn & Play adheres to the following guidelines with a focus on maintaining the joyful, playful atmosphere that makes Marbles so special.   

  • Participants are separated into small groups. Groups do not intermingle throughout the day. Groups and staff remain constant throughout the week.   
  • Each day, students participate individually in live remote learning as scheduled, engage in hands-on, play-based learning enrichment in activity rooms, play in a museum exhibit reserved for their group and join in active outdoor play. Only one group of students utilizes each activity room each week.   
  • Students participate in live remote instruction between 8:30am-2:50pm.  We are unable to accommodate live remote instruction outside of these hours.  When not participating in live remote instruction, students participate in play-based enrichment activities.  Students need to complete independent work from home. 
  • Academic spaces and activity rooms are set up to allow for social distancing.  
  • Students eat and snack safely distanced in their assigned activity room.  
  • Asynchronous days and teacher workdays are play-only days that include a Marbles IMAX documentary movie and no remote learning. 




Weekly Learn & Play 

  • A laptop or Chromebook device and charger for remote learning, a headset, all necessary school supplies, a backpack with two snacks, lunch, water bottle, face mask, and a beach towel for snack and lunch seating. Please label all items. Apply sunscreen prior to arrival.  
  • Marbles does not provide devices, headsets, or school supplies. 

One-day Learn & Play 

  • A backpack with two snacks, lunch, water bottle, face mask, and a beach towel for snack and lunch seating. Please label all items. Apply sunscreen prior to arrival. 


  • Carpool drop-off runs from 7:45-8:10am. 
  • Carpool pick-up runs from 2:55-3:15pm. 
  • Adults, please remain in your car.


All Marbles Learn & Play families must comply with the following protocols to create a safe environment. These protocols may change as local, state, and CDC guidelines are revised.   

  • Marbles staff and volunteers complete a daily health screening.   
  • Parents need to answer health screening questions about students each day, including the student's temperature prior to drop-off. You will receive a text each morning with the screening form.  
  • Marbles staff and volunteers will be required to wear masks.   
  • Marbles requires that all staff, volunteers, and students wear masks. 
  • Students and staff will engage in increased hand washing and use of hand sanitizer upon arrival, departure, before and after eating, before and after bathroom use, and between activities.   
  • Activity rooms and museum exhibits operate in a manner that supports social distancing.   


Marbles requires staff and students to meet health screening criteria in order to ensure a safe experience. Please review the requirements below to ensure that your child is eligible to participate in Marbles Learn & Play before registering and prior to attending.   

Eligible to Participate   

  • No symptoms of COVID-19.   
  • Not diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days. 
  • No contact for more than 15 minutes, or within less than 6 feet, of someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days. 

Ineligible to Participate   

  • Diagnosed with COVID-19.   
  • Showing symptoms of COVID-19.   
  • Living in a household with someone diagnosed with, showing symptoms of, or confirmed exposure to COVID-19.  

Attendance and Communication 

  • Students who show any sign of illness or fever during the camp day will need to be picked up immediately. Siblings will also be required to leave camp for the day.     
  • Marbles will inform parents if another student in their child’s group has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  

Marbles is excited to provide a positive and enriching remote learning experience for your child. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we continue to do our best to keep our Learn & Play program running smoothly with health and safety as our top priority. 

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