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Design, create, tinker and build the structures, vehicles, fashions and inventions of the future! Inspire the next generation of architects, engineers, product designers, builders and dreamers in IdeaWorks. 



Play in Ideaworks

Go Zone - Discover the fun in physics as you design and race your own cars, create sets of tricky tracks for our marble runs and work under the hood of a kid-sized speedy roadster. 

Super Structures - Dream big, build big! Become a contractor, engineer or architect as you imagine and construct fanciful forts, castles, dream houses and skyscrapers with colorful blocks. 

Real Tools - In this fully-stocked workbench, don safety goggles and aprons and use real saws, hand drills, vises and more to build your own innovative structures. 

Studio Style - Explore textiles, practice simple sewing techniques, dress paper kids in fanciful fabrics, craft accessories and add to our community loom. 

Toddler Tools - Tinkerers ages 3 and under explore pegs and blocks as you build fine motor and problem-solving skills in this safe, separated space. 


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