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Ideas & Activities

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Embark on a journey to fun-filled learning with playful ideas, activities, games and resources fit for children of all ages. The play-to-learn experts at Team Marbles have build out fun science experiments, art projects and more for you to engage in playful learning at home. Find activities that fit your interest areas below. 


Build It

Start building adventures! In these fun, hands-on activities you'll learn to construct, build, code and more with items around your own home. See all Marbles Build It activities.



Creative Connections

Creatively connect with your children and what's around you. These activities focus on arts and crafts, music, storytelling, imaginary play and more. See all Marbles Creative Connections activities.


Early Learners

Prepare your youngest learners for school readiness, literacy, early math, social and emotional development and more! See all Marbles Early Learners activities.



Healthy Habits

Build healthy habits with your children. These activities will teach you fun ways to play together including through cooking and games. Help build gross motor skills and a path to nutrition and wellness. See all Marbles Healthy Habits activities.



Science Solvers

Get into experiments, ecosystems, outdoor adventures and more in these fun science-based activities, games and more. See all Marbles Science Solvers activities.



World Works

Dive into geography, history, financial literacy and economics with these fun and engaging games, activities and ideas. See all Marbles World Works activities.



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