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What is Marbles Kids Museum?

Marbles Kids Museum is a hands-on, minds-on museum that inspires imagination, discovery and learning in children ages birth to 10.

What are the museum’s hours?

Open daily 9am-5pm (Every Thursday and Fridays, the museum is open until 7pm with $3 admission after 3pm. Sponsored by Terminix) 

How do I get to Marbles? Where can I park?

How much is general admission, and what does it include?

General admission is $7. Children under 1 and members play free! The admission fee includes access to each museum gallery and the Corner Store.

What age range is the museum geared towards?

The museum exhibits cater to children ages birth to 10 years old. Kids and adults enjoy feature and documentary movies at Marbles IMAX.

Can adults visit Marbles without kids?

Marbles is designed for kids 10 and under and their families, but we know that big kids like to play too! Out of courtesy to our family visitors, Marbles asks all unaccompanied adults to leave a driver’s license or government issued photo ID at the Welcome Desk while exploring the museum. Thanks for playing along! 

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Marbles is accessible and is equipped with entrance and exit ramps, an elevator, wide hallways and seating. For more about accessibility click here. 

Can I drop my child off at the museum for the day? Am I required to accompany my child throughout the museum?

A guardian must accompany a child throughout the museum. Guardians must be 18 years of age or older. We require a 1:6 adult to child ratio to help us provide the best possible experience for all guests. 

What are the best times to avoid crowds?

Our busiest hours are Tue-Fri 10am-1pm. Plan your visit around these times to avoid the crowds. Visit us on Mondays from 9am-5pm to take advantage of group-free play!

Can I bring food and snacks into the museum? Can I purchase food at the museum?

Food and drinks are not allowed in the play areas or exhibits. You are welcome to bring food to eat in the courtyard or at a table in Marbles Corner Store. 

Snacks and beverages, including fresh coffee beverages, can be purchased at Marbles Corner Store, at the IMAX concessions stand in the theater lobby and at our café. The IMAX concessions stand features fresh movie popcorn, candies, soda and bottled water. The café features fun, flavorful choices for the whole family for lunch. Café hours are Mon-Fri 11am-3pm and Sat-Sun 11am-4pm.

How many people are included in my membership?

  • Family Basic and Family Passport memberships include two named adults and all children from one immediate household.

  • Family Premier memberships include two named adults, all children from one immediate household plus an additional unnamed guest (can be an adult or child) per visit.

  • Grand memberships include two named grandparents of one household plus all named grandchildren, regardless of household.

  • Just for Two memberships include one named adult and one child.

Do I need to check in when visiting the museum?

All visitors, including members, need to check in upon arrival. Members are asked to show a photo ID along with their membership card and will receive admission stickers for each visit.

May I bring guests?

Family Premier members are allowed one free guest per visit. All other guests will need to pay regular admission. 

May I loan my membership card to a family member or friend?

Membership cards are not transferable and can only be used by adults listed on your card.

Can my children visit the museum with a family caregiver?

Family Premier members are allowed one guest per visit, which can be a caregiver, grandparent, friend, etc. Family Premier caregivers must present a photo ID and the family's membership card at each visit. All other caregivers or guests attending the museum with member children must pay regular admission.

What if I don't have my card?

Simply present your photo ID at check-in if you do not have your card, Additional time is needed at check-in to verify your membership if you do not have your card. If you have lost your membership card, let us know so we can mail you a new card.

How do I use my IMAX at Marbles benefits?

All members can purchase movie tickets online without convenience fees by using the promo code listed in your member welcome letter. Tickets can be purchased at www.MarblesIMAX.org. Call 919.857.1022 if you have questions.

I am not receiving the Marbleous Monthly e-newsletter. How do I get added to the distribution list?

Sign up here, or contact the Membership Coordinator at 919.857.1022 or membership@marbleskidsmuseum.org.

What museums are included in the Family Passport and Family Premier reciprocal admission program?

  • We participate in two reciprocal programs that offer benefits to our families who have a Family Passport or a Family Premier membership.

  • The Association of Science & Technology Centers includes more than 300 nationwide science centers, zoos and aquariums that are free or discounted. To see a full list of participating science centers and museums, download the Association of Science and Technology Center's Passport Program listing. PLEASE NOTE: Institutions within 90 miles of Marbles Kids Museum or your own home are NOT included in this reciprocal agreement.

  • The Association of Children's Museums includes more than 150 nationwide children's museums that are 50% off. To see a complete list download this Association of Children's Museums Reciprocal Program brochurePLEASE NOTE: There are no local restrictions associated with this reciprocal agreement.

  • Reciprocal museum members are subject to change. Please call to confirm before you visit a museum on the list.

Are memberships tax deductible?

Each membership is tax deductible, including gift memberships. Your membership welcome letter/email or gift confirmation letter/email will confirm your tax-deductible amount and will serve as your tax receipt. We encourage you to check with your tax professional for additional information.

May I use my membership for field trips?

Museum and reciprocal memberships are not applicable for free admission when associated with a group visit.

May I renew early to take advantage of a new level?

Yes, you can choose to renew early online, over the phone, or in person at the museum or IMAX theater. Your membership will be renewed for one year forward from your original expiration date and not from the date you renew.

Can I upgrade my current membership to a different level?

Yes, the cost to upgrade is the difference in what you paid for your membership and the new category price. There is no proration for upgrades. 

How do we get to the museum and where do we park?

You can find directions and information about where to park here.

What if I have more children than my party includes?

Museum parties include 30 guests total (adults and children). Contact us at 919.857.1037 if you think you will have additional guests. IMAX parties are for a maximum of 15 guests total (adults and children). We recommend a 1:3 ratio of adults to children for all our parties.

Do you have Marbles invitations?

Yes, colorful postcard invitations are available for sale at the welcome desk of the museum or through the birthday team. $5 for 15 cards /  $6 for 20 cards.

Is the birthday child included in the guest count? What about his/her siblings?

The birthday child, siblings and parents are included in the guest count. A museum party is for 30 people total (adults and children). An IMAX birthday party is for 15 people total (adults and children). No additional adults or children can be added.

How early do I need to book my party?

We recommend booking your party four weeks in advance. There can be last-minute cancellations and openings available, so do not hesitate to call us any time at 919.857.1037.

What if we arrive late?

Unfortunately, we cannot adjust your room time if you arrive late or are waiting for guests. We cannot offer you a refund if you lose part of your party room time due to a late arrival. 

Do you offer parties during the week?

Weekday parties are available after 3pm every Thursday and on the first Friday of the month. Other times may be available. Call us at 919.857.1037 to learn more about schedule availability. 

Can we go anywhere in the museum the day of the party?

Yes, you and your guests can enjoy all of Marbles all day! 

Do you have a space to store our party items before our party starts or after it is over?

Yes, we have a storage area where we can store your party items until it is time for you to enter your party room or until you leave the museum. Marbles cannot store valuables, but lockers are available near the front entrance of the museum if needed.

Can I extend my time in the party room?

We cannot extend the time in the room. Museum parties include 1 ½ hours in the private party room and IMAX parties include 1 hour on the private IMAX bridge.

What if some of my guests are Marbles members, are they included in the guest count?

Yes, they are included in the guest count. Membership admission benefits are not applicable for birthday party guests. The maximum number of guests for a museum party is 30 people total (adults and children).

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