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IMAX Documentary Resources

We The People
We The People Lesson Plans 

Humpback Whales 3D
Humpback Whales Educator Guide 

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3D

Discover the mystery of Madagascar, the land of the lemurs, with your class.
Island of Lemurs Educator Guide

Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D

Take your class on a journey of microscopic discovery with these resources that build on themes from the movie:
Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D Educator Guide
What is Nano? An engaging collection of lesson plans, videos and hands-on activities that bring nanoscience to life.

Forces of Nature

Learn about severe weather and natural disasters with these film-related resources:
Forces of Nature Educator Guide
Forces of Nature Lesson Plan Collection

The Science of Hurricanes

Museum Exhibits Educator Resources

Build on the themes explored in the museum exhibits with related learning activities from educator resources. 

Around Town (K-2)

Explore a pint-size version of our community where kids take charge and lead the way. Around Town is bustling with opportunities to imagine and explore how people work, live and play together.
Where Does Food Come From?
My Pet
Your Changing Town
On the Farm
Reporting Live!
Ready, Set, School-Literacy
Ready, Set, School-Math

Splash! (K-2)

Discover the power and fun of water and adventure. Inside and outdoors, Splash is overflowing with hands-on experiences and experiments.
A Pirate's Life
What Should I Measure Next? How About Me!
Under the Deep Blue Sea
Water and Ice

Sun Sprouts

Kids can see what's sprouting in the ever-changing beds of a real kids garden, play with diggers and 'dozers in Diggin' Dirt Island, and search for the tiny inhabitants of Fairy Hollow.
Dance of the Butterfly
How Does My Garden Grow?
Insects We Love and Hate

IdeaWorks (K-5)

Imagination takes center stage as kids design, create and build structures, vehicles, simple machines and everyday products. IdeaWorks is alive with creativity and innovation.
Build a Better Pencil
Shapes at Work

Art Loft (K-5)

Paint, draw, sculpt and explore various types of artwork. The Art Loft encourages free expression and creativity through art.
Let's Talk About Painting
Visual Arts Careers
Exploring Weather Conditions Through Painting
Tracing and Drawing

Moneypalooza (K-5)

Step into a colorful world of money where kids play with smart ways to spend and save while having a wealth of fun learning to earn. Moneypalooza brings to life the importance of establishing healthy money habits through innovative and high-energy activities.
Financial Literacy Lesson Plans
For Me, For You, For Later Kit 

Power2Play (K-5)

The cornerstone exhibit of the Be Healthy|Be Active initiative at Marbles, providing play environments that promote physical activity and healthy choices for kids and families.
Jazz Music, Dance and Poetry
Eat Your Veggies
Every Beat of Your Heart

Kid Grid (K-5)

Powerful play at work! Kids are in charge in Kid Grid—the new energy exhibit now open at Marbles Kids Museum.
National Energy Education Development Project Lesson Bank
Duke Energy Education Resources 

STEMosphere (K-5)

Charge up hands-on STEM play with colorful learning stations all about science, technology, engineering and math!

Hands-on Activities from Exploratorium
Dream Up the Future

MasterMind Educator Resources

Use these classroom activities before or after your visit to extend the knowledge and continue the fun.

Dollars & Sense
Dollars & Sense Activity Book

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans

Money Words!
Build your financial word bank with these fun vocabulary cards and games.

Have fun figuring out how to be smart about how you earn, spend, save and share with this board game.

Sort It Out!
Sort out your money smarts with playful word sorts.

Sort It Out! Earn, Spend, Save, Share Word Sort
Sort It Out! Goods and Services Word Sort
Sort It Out! Needs and Wants Word Sort 
Sort It Out! Resources Word Sort

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