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Marbles Camp-To-Go!

Make Marbles Camp-to-Go your at-home camp experience this summer! Each Marbles Camp-to-Go activity kit includes playful hands-on activities, high-quality products and detailed instructions. Everything has been carefully curated by Team Marbles, the folks you count on to deliver creative learning!  

Included in your Kit: 

  • Detailed activity instructions created and curated by Team Marbles 
  • High-quality art supplies to bring the activities to life 
  • Toys and tools to spark excitement and fuel fresh new play experiences 

You Provide: 

  • Everyday kitchen supplies like bowls and trays 
  • Pantry staples like lemon juice and flour 
  • Common craft materials like tape, glue, and paper 

Camp-To-Go Themes

Things That Go!

Buckle up and get ready to go!  Explore things that zoom through pretend play, art, science, movement, and sensory activities.

Recommended Age: 3-4 (ages up well for kids who love cars!)

Silly Science

Little scientists get curious and explore bubbles, magnets and more. Hands-on activities encourage experimentation, creativity, early math learning, and problem-solving skills.

Recommended Age: 3-4 (ages up for curious explorers)

Mini Masterpieces

Let’s sketch, sculpt, paint, and play! Get creative, express yourself, and use your imagination to create all kinds of art.

Recommended Age: 3-4 (ages up for kids who love to create)

Pet Vet

Adopt a pet and be a vet! From pretend check-ups and pet training to creating custom accessories, your new pet pal is sure to be pampered.

Recommended Age: 5-6 (ages up or down for animal lovers)

Fossil Fun

Dig in and play around with paleontology. Travel back to the age of dinosaurs and explore what life was like when reptiles ruled the world.

Recommended Age: 5-6 (ages up or down for dinosaur fanatics) 

Creative Construction

From bridges to mazes, future cities to spacecrafts, soar to new heights and explore new worlds. Let your creativity fly high with airplane design, bridge building challenges, and board games that are out of this world.

Recommended Age: 7-8 (ages up or down for innovative builders)

Masterpiece Makers

Unleash your inner Picasso with painting, weaving, sculpture, mosaics and more. Get creative while learning different art techniques and new styles of art.

Recommended Age: 7-8 (ages up or down for aspiring artists)

Design Dares

Dream, design, do! From inventing new products to crafting fashion accessories, you’ll put your innovation and problem-solving skills to the test.

Recommended Age: 9-10 (ages up or down for creative crafters) 

Wizarding Wonders  

Wands at the ready! Care for magical creatures, create potions, and master some magic with activities that immerse you in the world of wizarding.

Recommended Age: 9-10 (ages up or down for wannabe wizards)

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