Help Marbles Bounce Back!

Donate today to help Marbles BOUNCE BACK from deep financial losses during the pandemic shutdown.

Children need imaginative and interactive play at Marbles now more than ever to heal emotions and restore feelings of hope and positivity. Marbles is reopen and families are embracing the return to safe social play and familiar fun. But visitation is limited and we have a huge gap to close. Marbles faces uncertain future after the shutdown wiped out 70% of our annual earnings.

Please help Marbles BOUNCE BACK to continue providing powerful play experiences during this challenging time and for generations to come. 


Help Marbles BOUNCE BACK!
…to unite our community and nurture the next generation of learners and leaders. 

  • Families choose Marbles for happy, healthy play 
  • Educators trust Marbles for hands-on learning 
  • Community agencies rely on Marbles to break down barriers and celebrate diversity 
  • Downtown Raleigh depends on Marbles for visitors and vitality




Help Marbles BOUNCE BACK!
…to restore financial stability and future sustainability. 

  • Rebuild operating resources rocked by the loss of 70% of annual revenues
  • Restore team talent hit hard by layoffs and furloughs 
  • Recoup investment in reopening technology, PPE, supplies and facility modifications that allow guests to Play Safe and Stay Safe 
  • Prioritize affordability and accessibility to continue serving our full community 



Help Marbles BOUNCE BACK!
…to deliver purposeful play in a one-of-a-kind way. 

  • Joyful and immersive in-person play for children and families 
  • Creative at-home learning kits 
  • Remote, hands-on field trip activities for classrooms 
  • Onsite school support programs to serve kids of working parents 






*Congress passed the CARES Act on March 27, 2020, providing increased tax incentives for charitable giving for both individuals and corporations. Consult your tax advisor to determine if your contribution is eligible for these tax benefits.

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