Birthday Parties

Make your child's birthday Marbleous with a party at Marbles Kids Museum or Marbles IMAX!


How do we get to the museum and where do we park?

You can find directions and information about where to park here.

What if I have more children than my party includes?

Museum parties include 30 guests total (adults and children). Contact us at 919.857.1037 if you think you will have additional guests. IMAX parties are for a maximum of 15 guests total (adults and children). We recommend a 1:3 ratio of adults to children for all our parties.

Do you have Marbles invitations?

Yes, colorful postcard invitations are available for sale at the welcome desk of the museum or through the birthday team. $5 for 15 cards /  $6 for 20 cards.

Is the birthday child included in the guest count? What about his/her siblings?

The birthday child, siblings and parents are included in the guest count. A museum party is for 30 people total (adults and children). An IMAX birthday party is for 15 people total (adults and children). No additional adults or children can be added.

How early do I need to book my party?

We recommend booking your party four weeks in advance. There can be last-minute cancellations and openings available, so do not hesitate to call us any time at 919.857.1037.

What if we arrive late?

Unfortunately, we cannot adjust your room time if you arrive late or are waiting for guests. We cannot offer you a refund if you lose part of your party room time due to a late arrival. 

Do you offer parties during the week?

Weekday parties are available after 3pm every Thursday and on the first Friday of the month. Other times may be available. Call us at 919.857.1037 to learn more about schedule availability. 

Can we go anywhere in the museum the day of the party?

Yes, you and your guests can enjoy all of Marbles all day! 

Do you have a space to store our party items before our party starts or after it is over?

Yes, we have a storage area where we can store your party items until it is time for you to enter your party room or until you leave the museum. Marbles cannot store valuables, but lockers are available near the front entrance of the museum if needed.

Can I extend my time in the party room?

We cannot extend the time in the room. Museum parties include 1 ½ hours in the private party room and IMAX parties include 1 hour on the private IMAX bridge.

What if some of my guests are Marbles members, are they included in the guest count?

Yes, they are included in the guest count. Membership admission benefits are not applicable for birthday party guests. The maximum number of guests for a museum party is 30 people total (adults and children).

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