Birthday Parties
Today: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Birthday Parties

When do birthday parties go on sale?

Parties will be available on the website to purchase according to the schedule below.

Party Month

Parties Available to Purchase

January November 1 at 10am
February December 1 at 10am
March January 1 at 10am
April February 1 at 10am
May March 1 at 10am
June April 1 at 10am
July May 1 at 10am
August June 1 at 10am
September July 1 at 10am
October August 1 at 10am
November September 1 at 10am
December October 1 at 10am


Can I celebrate at Marbles if I haven't booked a birthday party?
Although we have outdoor picnic tables, indoor eating areas and a cafe, they are not available for impromptu celebrations. We welcome all guests to play and enjoy the museum.
Is the birthday kid included in the guest count? What about his/her siblings?
The birthday kid, siblings and parents are included in the guest count. Our parties include 25 people total (adults and children). Children under 1 year old do not count toward the party headcount.
What if I have more guests than my party includes?

Your party includes up to 25 guests (including adults and children). We recommend you have at least 1 adult for every 3 children at the party.

Up to 25 additional party guests can be added to your party at a cost of $10 plus tax per person.

What if some of my guests are Marbles members, are they included in the guest count?
Yes, all party guests are included in the guest count. Membership admission benefits are not applicable for birthday party guests.
What is the role of Team Marbles?
Team Marbles will offer support as you set up, be available should you need assistance during the party, lead the parade to the museum after the party and help you clean up when it's over.
Do you have a space to store our party items before our party starts or after it is over?
Yes, we have an area where we can store your party items until it is time for you to enter the party room or until you leave the museum. Please remember that Marbles does not have prep or refrigeration space available. Marbles cannot store valuables, but lockers are available near the front entrance of the museum if needed. 
Can I extend my time in the party room?
Our parties include one hour in a private party room and additional time is not available.
Can I bring in my own food?
  • You may bring in food for guests as long as it is prepared in a commercial kitchen. Food from a caterer, restaurant or food delivery service are all allowed.
  • Please be aware that all food should be delivered or brought in ready to serve as no prep or refrigeration space is available. Homemade food is not allowed.

Check out party package options from our convenient and delicious onsite cafe, Bean Sprouts. Please allow two weeks notice for birthday party catering.

Is a birthday cake included in the party package?
No, there is no cake included in the party package. You are welcome to purchase or make your own cake or cupcakes to serve to your guests. 
Can I get into the party room early?
The birthday family may enter the room 30 minutes prior to the party start time to set up and prepare to greet guests. 
What size are the tables in the birthday room?
The tables in the birthday room are 2.5 ft x 3.67 ft. There are 3 designated for food/presents and 12 tables with chairs set up for children to eat. Additional chairs are around the room for adult seating.
How do we get to the museum and where do we park?

You can find directions and information about where to park here.

Where do we go when we arrive for our party?

Parties are held in the Play Annex, which is located between the museum and IMAX/cafe building. Look for directional signage leading party guests to the birthday entrance, the green door adjacent to the grassy courtyard.

If your guests are playing in the museum prior to your party, have them come to the museum entrance to check in and receive an admission sticker. 

What if the birthday family or guests are late?

The party room is scheduled for you for one designated hour only. If you or your guests are late, we cannot shift the party time due to other families celebrating that day. You and your guests are welcome to play in the museum, but the room is only available for that one designated hour. 

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