Bike Bling
Today: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Bike Bling

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Fly like the wind with colorful handlebar streamers! Create flair for your bike or scooter with ribbons and pipe cleaners.  

What You Need:  

  • Bike or scooter 
  • Ribbon 
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Buttons 

What You Do:  

  1. Cut ribbon into 2 ‘ strands.  
  2. Count out 5 pieces of ribbon. 
  3. Twist a pipe cleaner tightly around the middle of the bunch. 
  4. Wrap the pipe cleaner ends around your handlebar and twist to secure! 
  5. Now you’re ready to ride! 

Words to Use:  

  • Twist: To turn something with your fingers. 
  • Flutter: Small, gentle movements in the air. 
  • Flair: Something that looks interesting and is creative and imaginative.  

What to Talk About:  

  • Talk about symmetry when hanging your ribbon, so that each side is even.  
  • What happens If you count out 10 ribbons instead of 5?  What about making them longer or shorter? 
  • What happens to the streamers when your bike moves?  If you added buttons or beads to your streamers, did it make a difference? 

Change It Up:   

  • Use rubber bands instead of pipe cleaners. 
  • Use colorful tape to decorate your bike and helmet. 
  • Be creative with your materials, use different things you find in nature or at home. 
  • Use a playing card and a chip clip to make your bike sound like a motorcycle. 
  • Attach a basket to your bike handlebars using a pipe cleaner to secure it. 
  • Add bells and other noise makers.  

Learning Connections:   

  • Critical Thinking  
  • Imagination  
  • Innovation   
  • Using Tools  
  • Visual-Spatial Thinking   

Curriculum Connections: NC Standard Course of Study  


NC.K.CC.4-5, NC.K.MD.1-2 


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