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Explore how people live, work and play together in the kid-size version of our community. Kids take charge and lead the way in bustling Around Town.



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Ready Set Vet. A new vet play experience in partnership with NC State College of Veterinary Medicine!


Sprinkles Bake Shop - Roll up your sleeves and bake your heart out. Pretend to run the store and whip up sweet treats.

Act 1 - Put on a costume, take center stage, throw open the curtains and perform!

All Aboard! - Calling all conductors! Lead trains over the river and through the woods.

Power the Town - Oh no, there's a power outage in Around Town! Become a lineman and help restore power.

Get Well - It's your turn to save the day! Drive the ambulance, care for newborns, read x-rays and mend broken bones. Practice making 911 calls and gear up to be an emergency responder, doctor, nurse or caregiver. Presented by WakeMed.

Hometown Grocery and Kitchen - Fruits, veggies, dry goods and protein! Put your selections in a shopping cart, check out and pay for your groceries. Then whip up a delicious meal to share with family and friends. Presented by Lowes Foods.

Let’s Fight Fire - Suit up and take off in Engine No. 1. Drive the truck to the next emergency, uncoil the hose and put out the flames. 

News Around Town - Hover to cover breaking news Around Town. Pilot the helicopter, report the weather, get behind the camera and share the important stories with the community. Presented by ABC11.

On the Farm - Tend to the pigs, cows, chickens and horses. Plant, harvest, and sort soybeans, sweet potatoes, corn and more on this modern North Carolina farm. The Egg Run in On the Farm is Presented by the North Carolina Egg Association.

Peek-a-boo Bay - An enclosed activity area for babies up to 18 months. Get your sea legs surrounded by soft surfaces, developmentally appropriate toys and nautical play. 

Speed Zone - Get into the driver’s seat of a real CAT bus or let your hair down while cruising in our little red convertible. Fuel up before speeding off! Take a ride anywhere your imagination will take you.


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