About Us

About Marbles

Located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, Marbles serves a diverse population of families, school groups and community organizations with dozens of themed exhibits, summer camps, IMAX documentary and feature films and special events year-round. See what play at Marbles is all about, below. 


Mission Statement

Marbles sparks imagination, discovery and learning through play.

  1. Ready Set Learn. Play builds intellectual, social and emotional skill for success in learning and in life. 

  2. Be Healthy Be Active. Play promotes physical development and good health.

  3. Create Innovate. Play encourages imagination, creativity and self-expression.

  4. Explore Experiment. Play leads to discovery and kindles curiosity. 

  5. Connect. Play teaches cooperation and collaboration, strengthens families and unites our community.


Our Play-losophy

  • We believe play contributes to intellectual growth, social and emotional well-being and physical development.

  • We believe play helps develop 21st century workers who are able to solve problems, apply ideas, create, innovate, communicate and connect with others.

  • We believe play unites communities around the critical importance of the childhood experience.

  • We believe play strengthens families.



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