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Marbles is committed to addressing the persistent inequities and injustices facing black children and families in our community and across the country. Marbles believes in the power of play to unite communities around building bright futures for children. We believe in the power of play to break down barriers, celebrate diversity and foster friendships. These beliefs shape our commitment to support communities shaken by unrest and racial inequity. Children in our community feel injustice and Marbles wants to help. We know that play helps. Talking helps too. We’ve compiled resources useful for understanding and talking with children about racial equity and social justice.

For Kids

Books and videos to help kids understand racism, our history, and appreciate diversity 

For Parents

Books and resources to help parents understand and explain racism, raise children who appreciate diversity and advocate for justice. 

  • Talking about Race: Tools and guidance from the National Museum of African American History and Culture to empower your journey and inspire conversation. 

  • Engaging My Child: Resources from the American Psychological Association for uplifting families through healthy conversation about race. 

  • Embrace Race Resources to help parents foster resilience in children of color, nurture inclusive, empathetic children, raise kids who think critically about racial inequity, and support a movement of racial justice advocates for all children 

  • Talking Race with Young Children: A podcast from NPR and Sesame Workshop. 

  • Identity Matters: A Sesame Workshop study showing that understanding and valuing one’s identity and the identities of others can help children develop into more confident and accepting adolescents and adults. 

  • Table Talk: Resources for sparking family conversation about current events. 

  • Beyond the Golden Rule: A guide for parents on preventing and responding to prejudice at every age and stage. 

For Educators

Books and resources to help educators understand and explain racism and teach children to appreciate diversity and advocate for justice. 

  • Talking about Race for Educators: Tools and resources from the National Museum of African American History and Culture to guide students in becoming aware of racial inequity and encouraging them to work toward positive change. 

  • Teaching Tolerance: Curriculum resources to cultivate positive identity formation, encourage students to confront racial and ethnic injustice, and prepare them to live and work together in a diverse world. 

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching: Resources for creating classrooms that welcome and celebrate students from all backgrounds.  

Playful parenting tips

Marbles has gathered a collection of playful tips to help through the ups and downs of parenting. Below are few tips to playfully foster meaningful relationships with your child. Learn More.

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