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Racial Equity Resources

Play Unites Communities

Marbles is heartbroken by recent events that highlight the persistent inequities and injustices facing black children and families in our community and across the country. Marbles believes in the power of play to unite communities around building bright futures for children. We believe in the power of play to break down barriers, celebrate diversity and foster friendships. These beliefs shape our commitment to help a community shaken by unrest and racial inequity that impacts us all. Children in our community feel what’s happening and Marbles wants to help. We know that play helps. While the museum is closed, Marbles is providing at-home play resources. Talking helps too, and we’ve compiled resources useful for understanding and talking with children about racial equity and social justice.

Learn from a collection of resources how to talk to your familiy and children about racial equity.

COVID-19 Resources

Facing a health emergency can bring up feelings of stress, uncertainty, and confusion, especially for young children. While we don’t want to overload them with scary information, we can try to answer their questions honestly.

Learn from a collection of resources how to talk about COVID-19 with young children and offer comfort.

Playful parenting tips

Marbles has gathered a collection of playful tips to help through the ups and downs of parenting. Below are few tips to playfully foster meaningful relationships with your child. Learn More.

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