Museum Masterminds
Today: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Museum Masterminds

Museum Masterminds

Body Works Photo

Body Works

The human body is built to move. Explore how bones, muscles, the heart, lungs and brain work together. Learn how being active and eating smart fuels healthy play.

Curriculum Matches

SCI 1.L.2, 3.L.1, 4.L.2
HEALTH K.NPA.2, 1.NPA.2, 1.NPA.3, 2.NPA.2, 2.NPA.3, 3.NPA.2, 4.PCH.2, 4.NPA.2, 4.NPA.3, 5.PCH.4, 5.NPA.3

Celebrate! Photo


Join the celebration and explore music, food, customs and traditions that define cultures around the world. 

Option 1 - China, Brazil and Switzerland

Option 2 - Mexico, India and Ghana

Curriculum Matches

SOC K.B.1, K.G.1, 1.B.1, 2.B.1, 3.B.1

Weather Wizards Photo

Weather Wizards

Meterologists-in-the-making whip up a storm and experiment with the key ingredients that comprise weather — air, temperature and moisture.

Curriculum Matches

SCI K.E.2, 2.E.1, 5.E.1, 3.P.2, 3.E.2, 4.E.2, 4.L.1
SOC K.H.1, K.G.2 

Dollars & Sense Photo

Dollars & Sense

Making smart money choices isn’t magic, it’s dollars and sense. Students learn how to earn, save and spend responsibly.

Curriculum Matches

SOC K.E:1, 1.E.1, 4.E.2, 5.E.2
MATH K.OA.1, 1.OA.1, 1.OA.6, 2.OA.1, 2.MD.8, 3.NBT.2, 5.OA.2

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