Museum Discovery

Museum Discovery

Embark on a learning adventure in the museum. Imagine, invent and experiment in interactive exhibits that align with your curriculum. 



Around Town Exhibit

Around Town

Students take on the role of citizens as firefighters, journalists, farmers, paramedics and teachers. They cooperate and problem solve to provide services and explore how people live and work together. See more of Around Town.


Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: K.P.2, K.L.1, 2.E.1 
MATH: NC.K.G.1, NC.K.G.2, NC.3.NF.1 

Sun Sprouts Exhibit

Sun Sprouts

Investigate what makes a garden grow and help care for plants. Students work together to identify roots, leaves, flowers and seeds that make up healthy food choices. See more of Sun Sprouts. 


Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: K.L.1, 1.E.2, 1.L.2, 3.L.2

Around Town Exhibit


From seed to sprout to garden oasis! Students pretend to plant fruits, vegetables and colorful flowers and mulch, water and care for their greenhouse treasures. See more of Seedlings.

Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: K.L.1, 1.E.2, 1.L.2, 3.L.2

Sea Shapes Exhibit

Sea Shapes

Dive in and play with patterns, numbers, shapes, and more. Students count, measure and build to further their mathematical thinking through play. See more of Sea Shapes. 

Curriculum Matches

MATH: NC.K.G.1, NC.K.G.2, NC.K.G.3, NC.K.CC.1, NC.K.CC.4, NC.K.MD.3, 1.NBT.1, 1.MD.2, 1.G.1, 1.G.2

Splash Photo


Dive into the physical properties of water and solids. Students test what sinks and floats at the water tables, conduct experiments on the USS Science Sub and set sail for adventure on the pirate ship. See more of Splash. 

Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: K.P.2, K.L.1, 2.E.1 
MATH: K.G.1, K.G.2, K.MD.3, K.CC.1, K.CC.4, K.CC.5, 3.NF.1 

Tree Tunes Photo

Tree Tunes

Students play around with  sound and whimsical vibrations to compose their own melodies on giant outdoor percussion instruments. See more of Tree Tunes. 

Curriculum Matches

MUSIC: K.ML.3, 1.ML.3, 2.ML.3, 3.ML.3, 4.ML.3, 5.ML.3

Stepnotes Photo


Traveling between the first and second floors of the museum? Take the stairs! Students will love our playful piano stairs with authentic keys and colorful lights. See more of Stepnotes. 

Curriculum Matches

MUSIC: K.ML.3, 1.ML.3, 2.ML.3, 3.ML.3, 4.ML.3, 5.ML.3

Hit The Trail Photo

Hit The Trail

Students experience outdoor adventure inside, pretending to camp, kayak, and care for woodland creatures. See more of Hit the Trail. 

Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: K.P.1, K.P.2, K.L.1, 1.L.1, 3.E.2, 5.L.2   
PE: K.MS.1, 1.MS.1, 2.MS.1, 3.MS.1, 4.MS.1, 5.MS.1

Moneypalooza Photo


Students explore how people  earn and use money for  goods and services in the pizzeria and pet shop. Money flows through the bank as students aim to save, make deposits and withdrawals. See more of Moneypalooza. 

Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: 1.P.1, 3.P.1
SOCIAL STUDIES: K.G.2, I.E.1, 2.E.1, 4.E.2, 5.E.2

IdeaWorks Photo


Create, make, build, and animate! Students experiment with design as they construct, invent, and craft.

Curriculum Matches

VISUAL ARTS: K.V.1, K.V.2, K.V.3, K.CX.1, 1.V.1, 1.V.2, 1.V.3, 1.CX.1, 2.V.1, 2.V.2, 2.V.3, 2.CX.1, 3.V.1, 3.V.2, 3.V.3, 3.CX.1, 4.V.1, 4.V.2, 4.V.3, 4.CX.1, 5.V.1, 5.V.2, 5.V.3, 5.CX.1 
SOCIAL STUDIES: 1.C.1, , 2,C,1, 3.C.1, 4,C,1 
SCIENCE: K.P.2, 1.P.1, 3.P.1, 5.P.1 
MATCH: K.MD.1, K.G.5, 2.MD.1, 2.MD.3, 4.G.3

Power2Play Photo


Students put their skeletal and muscular systems to the test! Shoot, skate, climb, dribble and balance. Pretending to cook from the My Plate table reinforces healthy nutrition. See more of Power2Play. 

Curriculum Matches

P.E.: K.MS.1, 1.MS,1, 2.MS,1, 3.MS.1, 4.MS.1, 5.MS.1, , K.HF,3, 1.HF.3, 2.HF.3, 3.HF.3
HEALTH: K.NPA.1, K.NPA.2, 1.NPA.1, 1.NPA.2, 1.NPA.3, 2.NPA.1, 2.NPA.2, 2.NPA.3, 3.NPA.1, 3.NPA.2,4.NPA.1, 4.NPA.3, 5.NPA.1, 5.NPA.3 
SCIENCE: 4.L.2   

STEMosphere Photo


Charge up hands-on play at STEM challenge stations! Make and test flyers that soar up wind towers, build and rebuild circuits, and engineer solutions to a variety of brain teasers. See more of STEMosphere. 

Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: 1.P.1, 4.P.1, 5.P.1 
MATH: K.G.1, K.G.5, K.G.6, 1.G.2, 3.G.1, 4.G.3 

Kid Grid Photo

Kid Grid

Using cranks, levers and pulleys, students work together to keep the electricity flowing through a pretend power grid. Students learn where energy comes from and how to use it wisely. See more of Kid Grid. 

Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: K.G.2, 3.P.3, 4.P.3

River Playway Photo

River Playway

Step into the sights and sounds of the Neuse River Basin. Playfully explore the Neuse River’s ecosystem and role play as Riverkeeper in the Ranger Station. See more of River Playway. 

Curriculum Matches

SCIENCE: K.P.1, K.P.2, K.E.1, K.L.1, 1.L.1, 1.L.2, 2.E.1, 2.L.2, 3.E.2, 3.L.2, 4.L.1, 5.P.2, 5.L.2

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