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The museum will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 20. IMAX at Marbles will be open.



Step into a colorful world of money where kids play with smart ways to spend and save while having a wealth of fun learning to earn. Moneypalooza brings to life the importance of establishing healthy money habits through innovative and high-energy activities.

  • Pay Day – Earn money by pet sitting for Aunt Polly, serving pizza at Mr. Vito’s pizzeria or helping Entrepreneur Ellie at her lemonade stand.
  • Banker Ben & Betty’s Money Movers – Save money with Banker Ben and Banker Betty. Stack, deposit, withdraw, disburse and discover that little bits of savings add up!
  • Freddie Frugal’s Spending Smarts – Make smart money choices as you build budgets, balance needs and wants and aim high to save. Help Freddie Frugal through some playfully tricky decision-making activities.

A partnership of Marbles and your North Carolina banks.

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