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Marbles will close at 3pm on Saturday, April 26 to prepare for Marbles Imagination Ball.


The Marblettes are a high-energy, organized and dedicated group of community volunteers who work closely with Marbles Kids Museum as partners in fundraising, volunteerism and community presence. The Marblettes truly earn their moniker as "the supporting cast of Marbles Kids Museum." Meetings are held monthly and new volunteers are welcome to join at any time. For more information about the Marblettes, please contact Gina Newell at 919.857.1087.

2013-14 Marblettes
Jody Addeo
Valerie Arendt
Tina Baxter
Emma Benson 
Mindy Blommer
Lauren Daigle
Shawna Daniels-Ash
Debra Dansky
Olga DeGroff
Nicole Driver
Ann Faust
Tangie Fleming
Shaunya Foster
Dana Golub
Jennie Greene
Teresa Gresham
Kris Hague 
Emy Hanson 
Sherry Heuser 
Debbie Hill 
Arrington Howard 
Christy Iannelli
Jessica Jones 
Laura Kilcrease
Shelby Limerick 
Meredith Little
Dina Madigan
Elly McClanahan 
Kate Mejaski 
Carly Nickerson 
Katherine Nolan 
Jenifer Otto 
Rachel Page 
Kristen Purcell 
Rebecca Putnam 
Christina Quackenbush 
Meredith Rigot 
Natalie Schoeny 
Michelle Staub 
Jeana Thompson 
Rachel Trunkey 
Jenna Webb 
Arinn Widmayer 
Deanna Winick 
Pam Woodyard