Make a Note :

Marbles will close at 3pm on Saturday, April 26 to prepare for Marbles Imagination Ball.

Field Trips

North Carolina educators are always looking for new ways to spark learning. A field trip to Marbles gives students the opportunity to develop vital skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, innovation and collaboration. Over the last year, more than 55,000 students had fun learning the Marbles way.

Our museum exhibits, programs and IMAX movies are content-rich and align with Common Core and NC Essential Standards and ignite curiosity and a desire to learn more. And the best part - field trips to Marbles are simple to plan, economical and FUN!

Whether you explore the museum, experience the power of IMAX or delve deeper into learning with optional added programs, your field trip to Marbles will be unforgettable. At Marbles, it's not just about what students learn, but HOW they learn - through the Power of PLAY!

Planning a field trip to Marbles Kids Museum and IMAX Theatre is simple and easy. It all starts with a Museum Field Trip (for grades K-5) and/or an IMAX Field Trip (for grades K-8).

Educator Resources

Bring play-based learning to your classroom with our online educator resources. Implement these activities in preparation for your field trip or as part of a post-visit wrap-up. These resources are easy to adapt and align with the Common Core and NC Essential Standards. Itís all right here!