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Family Science Fair


Saturday, March 29 | 10am-1pm  
Sunday, March 30 | 1-4pm

Registration closes Wednesday, March 26

Itís our 2nd Annual Family Science Fair! Two ways to take part: Sign-up to display your own project or simply explore others' creations and investigations. Engage in hands-on science activities and demonstrations. Share your science! Explore what others want to know! Wonder why. Ask a question. Investigate and find out.

To participate: Collaborate as a family on a science project that springs from your childís natural interests and curiosity.

  • Do a science project together at home.
  • Bring it in to display at the Family Science Fair.
  • Informally share what you learned with guests.

For scientists Pre-K - Grade 5 and their families. Free museum admission for each registered participant and their family. Noncompetitive, itís all about the fun of finding out. Participate one day or both!

To explore: Free with museum admission.

How It Works!

  1. Pre-registration required. Click here to register>> Space is limited.
  2. Free museum admission for participants (limit 4). You will receive your free admission stickers when you check-in with your project on March 29 or March 30.
  3. Work together as a family on a science project. Follow your child's interests and lead. Remember, the Family Science Fair is non-competitive. No judging or prizes; it's all about the fun of finding out.
  4. Display your project. You'll have 24" (depth) x 36" (width) of space to share your work. Get creative with it!
  5. Remember, Marbles is all about hands-on exploration. Plan for play! If you're worried about things being handled, consider including photos. Marbles cannot be responsible for damage or loss.
  6. Print out and complete a Project Form and bring it with you on March 29 or March 30. This will be displayed with your project. Click here for a sample.
  7. The following projects are not allowed: projects involving microorganisms except for bread yeast and lactobacillus/yogurt; projects that may cause harm to animals or people; or projects involving dangerous substances.
  8. The following may not be displayed at the science fair: components requiring electricity; live animals, taxidermy or preserved animal specimens; human or animal parts; or substances that may cause harm if touched, spilled or swallowed.
  9. Arrive with your project between 9-9:45am on March 29 or 12-12:45pm on March 30.
  10. When you arrive, sign up for a time to host your project and talk with guests about your discoveries.
  11. Spend the day the Marbles way. Enjoy the Family Science Fair, play in the museum, see a documentary and grab lunch. Check out Pogo for lunch, the on campus restaurant at Marbles.
  12. Pick up your project between 1-2pm on Saturday, March 29 or 4-5pm on Sunday, March 30.


Take a look at these websites and books for ideas and guidance to get you started.


  • NC Science Fair: This website provides information and resources for most school science fairs in North Carolina. While the Family Science Fair is much more informal, this site is useful.
  • Science Fair Central: Ideas for projects and project planning tools.
  • Science Buddies: More great project ideas, including a search tool to help you find a project that matches what you're curious about!
  • Family Science: Sample science activities for kids and grown-ups to try together.
  • Family Engineering: Activities and resources for budding engineers and their grown-ups.
  • Steve Spangler Science: Science fun beyond belief!
  • JVC's Science Fair Projects: Project ideas for all ages and interests, with a special section on young learners.
  • NC Essential Standards for Science (Grades K-2; Grades 3-5): Find out what science skills and content kids learn at each grade level.


  • Big Book of Play and Find Out Science Projects, Janice VanCleave
  • Prize-Winning Science Fair Projects for Curious Kids, Joe Rhatigan & Rain Newcomb
  • Play and Find Out about the Human Body, Janice VanCleave
  • Play and Find Out about Bugs, Janice VanCleave
  • Play and Find Out about Nature, Janice VanCleave
  • Play and Find Out about Math, Janice VanCleave


  • Can I bring a project I entered in my school science fair? Yes, absolutely!
  • Do I have to use a trifold? No. Your 24" (depth) x 36" (width) space is yours to use however you'd like.
  • How old do I need to be to participate? The Family Science Fair is for kids and their families ages preschool-Grade 5, or ages 3-11.
  • The guidelines say to sign up for a time to host my project. What does that mean? If you'd like, choose a 30-minute time to stand with your project and talk to other guests about what you did and what you found out. If you want to host for a longer or shorter period or not at all, that's fine too. The Family Science Fair is an informal event.
  • Registered entrants get free admission to Marbles Kids Museum for the day (limit 4). Where do I get my admission sticker? When you check-in your project, we will give you admission stickers. Make it a day: enjoy the Family Science Fair, play in the museum, see a documentary and grab lunch.
  • Will there be prizes? The Family Science Fair is non-competitive. No judges or prizes. It's all about the fun of finding out.

Questions? Contact Hardin Engelhardt at or 919.857.1012.