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Marbles will close at 3pm on Saturday, April 26 to prepare for Marbles Imagination Ball.

Museum Exhibits Educator Resources

Build on the themes explored in the museum exhibits with related learning activities from educator resources.

Around Town (K-2)

A kid-size version of our community with opportunities for kids to imagine and explore how people work, live and play together.

Where Does Food Come From?
My Pet
Your Changing Town

Splash! (K-2)

An exhibit overflowing with hands-on experiences and experiments where kids discover the power and fun of water and adventure.

A Pirate's Life
What Should I Measure Next? How About Me!
Under the Deep Blue Sea
Water and Ice

Castaway Cove Kids Garden (K-2)

Kids can see what's sprouting in the ever-changing beds of a real kids garden, play with diggers and 'dovers in Diggin' Dirt Island, and search for the tiny inhabitants of Fairy Hollow.

Dance of the Butterfly
How Does My Garden Grow?
Insects We Love and Hate

BB&T Storybook Forest (K-2)

A wonderful woodland setting alive with reading, storytelling and dramatic character play.

Play with Words: Rhyme and Verse
Readers' Theatre with Jan Brett
New Takes on Old Tales

IdeaWorks (K-5)

An exhibit where imagination takes center stage, as kids design, create, tinker and build structures, vehicles, simple machines and everyday products.

Build a Better Pencil
Shapes at Work

Art Loft (K-5)

Kids explore a variety of art forms where expression, creativity and artistic discovery are encouraged.

Let's Talk About Painting
Visual Arts Careers
Exploring Weather Conditions Through Painting
Tracing and Drawing

Moneypalooza (K-5)

Kids step into a colorful world of money where they discover smart ways to spend and save while having a wealth of fun learning to earn.

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans

Power2Play (K-5)

The cornerstone exhibit of the Be Healthy|Be Active initiative at Marbles, providing play environmments that promote physical activity and healthy choices for kids and families.

Jazz Music, Dance and Poetry
Eat Your Veggies
Every Beat of Your Heart