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The museum will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 20. IMAX at Marbles will be open. Several downtown streets will be closed on Saturday, April 19 for the SPCA K9-3K Dog Walk. Please plan some extra time for travel. Find out more at

IMAX Documentary Educator Resources

Prepare your students for their IMAX experience with classroom activities from several online resources and key educational sites.


Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D

Take your class on a journey of microscopic discovery with these resources that build on themes from the movie:
Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D Educator Guide
What is Nano? An engaging collection of lesson plans, videos and hands-on activities that bring nanoscience to life.
Nanosphere: Online resources and videos for exploring nanoscience and technology from PBS Kids.

Flight of the Butterflies 3D

Bring butterfly study to the classroom and explore concepts of migration, ecology, biodiversity and the process of scientific discovery with your students with these resources:

Flight of the Butterflies Educator Guides (K-12)
Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle and Migration (5-10)
Migrating Monach Game (2-4)
Dance of the Butterfly (K-4)
From Butterflies to Buffaloes (3-8)
Monarch Butterfly Migration (K-6)

To The Arctic 3D

Explore one of the most majestic, unforgiving places on earth with classroom resources about the Arctic:

To The Arctic 3D Educator Guide: Created by Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Corporation, these cross-curricular activities (for grades 3-5) address science, language arts and math standards.
To The Arctic 3D Curriculum Guide: Developed by MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation and Polar Bears International in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Filmed Entertainment, this curriculum guide (for grades 4-8) includes six lessons featuring the wildlife and climate of the Arctic. Activities developed for this guide support National Education Standards for science, art, social studies, math and English.
Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears: A collection of interdisciplinary polar learning activities for grades K-5.
Coca Cola’s Arctic Home: Take your students on a virtual visit to the Arctic and explore real-time data on polar bears.
An Arctic Adventure: A collection of content and classroom activities from Polar Bears International.
Expedition to the Poles: In this activity, students pretend they've returned from a polar bear expedition and report back on their findings.
Polar Bears International: Unit and Lesson Plan Collection: A wealth of materials to engage students in learning about the Arctic.

Born to Be Wild 3D

Build students' knowledge about animals, ecosystems, and wildlife protection and rehabilitation with these resources:

Born to Be Wild 3D Educator Guide
Really Wild Animals: Will People Change Them Forever?
People and African Animals
Habitat Needs

Forces of Nature

Learn about severe weather and natural disasters with these film-related resources:

Forces of Nature Educator Guide
Forces of Nature Lesson Plan Collection
The Science of Hurricanes

Film in the Classroom

Get great ideas for using film to teach any content area and for introducing students to the film industry and technology with this lesson plan collection from the New York Times Learning Network.

Film in the Classroom Website