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Marbles will close at 3pm on Saturday, April 26 to prepare for Marbles Imagination Ball.

Museum Programming

Marbles Kids Museum inspires imagination, discovery and learning with hands-on, minds-on exhibits. Enhance the classroom experience, bring educational concepts to life and show students there's no limit to how much fun they can have learning.

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Delve deeper into grade-level content with an interactive presentation that builds content knowledge aligned with the Common Core and NC Essential Standards. Advance reservation required for MasterMinds and Brain Builders.


Grades K-3 | 20 minutes
Give students a brain boost with an interactive 20-minute presentation that sparks curiosity and builds content knowledge.

Body Works
The human body is built to move. Explore how bones, muscles, the heart and lungs all work together and how being active and eating smart fuels healthy play. This interactive experience is offered in conjunction with Power2Play.
NC Science Essential Standards Match: 3
NC Healthful Living Essential Standards Match: K-3

Join the celebration and explore the music, food, costumes and traditions that define cultures around the world.
NC Social Studies Essential Standards Match: K-3

Dollars and Sense
Making smart money choices isnít magic, itís dollars and sense. Students learn how to earn, save and spend responsibly. This MasterMind complements the museumís Moneypalooza gallery all about money.
NC Social Studies Essential Standards Match: K-2
Moneyalooza Dollars & Sense Lesson Plans>>

Weather Wizards
Meteorologists in the making whip up a storm and experiment with the key ingredients of weather - air, temperature and moisture.
NC Science Essential Standards Match: K, 2

Brain Builders

Grades 4-5 | 45 minutes
Put problem-solving skills to work! Students collaborate to complete a hands-on challenge during a 45-minute workshop facilitated by a Museum Animator. This field trip option includes an additional 45 minutes for exploring the museum's second floor exhibits, including Moneypalooza, IdeaWorks and Power2Play.

Engineer It!
Creativity and problem-solving are front and center as students design and build contraptions that harness the forces of gravity, motion and mass to engineer a solution to a fun challenge.
NC Science Essential Standards Match: 4, 5

Money Makers
Calling all entrepreneurs! Students apply math smarts and economic savvy to set up and run a business. Collaboration, critical thinking and creativity required.
NC Social Studies Essential Standards Match: 4, 5
Common Core Mathematics Standards Match: 4, 5