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Marbles will close at 3pm on Saturday, April 26 to prepare for Marbles Imagination Ball.

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  1. COLLECT your information…What date would you like to come? What is the expected size of your group? What is the best way to contact you?
  2. CONSIDER all the options we offer…museum field trips and programs, IMAX movies and Learning Labs or a combination of museum and IMAX.
  3. CONTACT our Group Sales Coordinator at 919.857.1049 or complete our Group Visit & Field Trip Request Form.
  4. EXPLORE the extensive exhibit, programming and IMAX educator resources that can boost your curriculum before and after your trip, and customize the educational experience at Marbles to one that fits you and your students.
  5. REVIEW your Confirmation and Pre-Visit Guide and get ready for a fun and educational field trip that you and your students will always remember!

A school group is a class or grade level of students and chaperones from an accredited educational institution representing grades K-12 OR a preschool or daycare established as an official business.

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Chaperone to Student Ratios

  • Grades K-2 - 1:5 ratio
  • Grades 3-8 -1:8 ratio

School Group Prices


 MuseumMuseum + MasterMindMuseum +
Students $4 $4 $7.50 $4.50 $7
Teachers FREE FREE $4.50 $4.50


Chaperones $4 $4 $11 $8 $12


 Museum + Brain BuilderMuseum + Brain Builder + IMAX DocumentaryIMAX +
Learning Lab
Students $4 $7.50 $6.50 $4.50 $7
Teachers FREE $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $7
Chaperones $4 $11 $8 $8

Learning Labs have an additional fee of $2 per student with a $50 per school minimum charge. MasterMinds and Brain Builders are offered at no cost. Add $1 for each chaperone paying upon arrival. 

Group discounts are not available during the first two weeks of an IMAX feature film's opening.

School group pricing cannot be combined with any other discounts. Museum and reciprocal memberships are not applicable for free admission when associated with a group visit.

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